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[REVIEW] ViceTemple DMCA Ignore Hosting

ViceTemple has a very nice website if you are into porn. They are an Adult Web Hosting and it shows with their site but it is very well designed. I do agree that they have a very good graphics designer.

Now, on to their hosting. A 35GB account with 3TB bandwidth and it couldn’t even handle one wordpress install with almost zero traffic on it. Their monitors said my wordpress website with 36 hits and 232 views for April exceeded resources 9 times in one night.

If your hosting packages you create won’t handle one wordpress site how do you expect to allow the hosted 25 more addon domains with a possibility of 26 total wordpress sites. Then add on 25 subdomains which yet another 25 possible wordpress sites for a total of 51 wordpress sites. Yet only one site exceed resources? ROFLMAO

The cPanel client area was a little slow on responding to actions; the VT client area was a little slow as well. They are out of The Netherlands with DMCA Ignore hosting for all their accounts. The pricing is a little expensive though for the speed they provide and ticket support the first time took 3 minutes to answer and the second time took over 8 hours to answer. So 24/7 support? I don’t think so.

So, give them a look-see by clicking the button below, but beware of adult content (must be 18+).

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