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[REVIEW] CCIHosting Offshore Hosting

CCI Hosting (aka Cyber Cast International) is an offshore host claiming DMCA Ignore status. They are located in Panama City, Panama. According to a web search though the US and Panama share values and cooperate with each other…

Panama-United States relations

Bilateral Relations

Panama and the United States cooperate in promoting economic, political, security, and social development through international agencies.

We personally bought an account with CCI thinking we would have a good place to host some of our other sites on…WE WERE SOOOOOO WRONG! Let me explain why.

For starters they have CageFS disabled which is not good. The DNS would not properly work and fresh installs of WordPress on their so called WordPress Enhanced hosting only showed errors no matter how you installed it (manually through ftp, through WordPress Toolkit or through Softaculous.

When demanding a refund since we hadn’t had the service 1 day before requesting one for a non working service we were told to read their policy. Anyhow, 2 weeks later PayPal did issue us a refund since we provided screenshots of a non working service.

We do NOT recommend CCI Hosting, buyer beware!!!

Click the button below to see all their features and pricing available.

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[REVIEW] DMCA Ignore Hosting

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